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Why You Need Widgetly
Adding Social Proof To Your Website Will Increase Conversions & Leads
  •  Increase Conversions: Generate more leads, conversions, and sales from the traffic you already have.
  •  Build Credibility and Trust: Improve site credibility by displaying your customer reviews, recent purchases, and visitor comments.
  •  Lower Your Cost Per Acquisition: Capture more leads or sales without increasing your ad spend.
  •  Reduce Abandonment: Give your visitors a reason to stay by showing them dynamic content offers as they are about to leave your site.
Why You Need Widgetly
Dynamic Funnel Engagement Tools
Whether you’re a startup or an established enterprise, Widgetly has everything you need to help engage visitors, build trust, promote your products, and reduce site abandonment.
Impressive Features for Performance Marketers
Event Tracking
Create goals for your campaigns and get the insights you need to improve performance.
Customizable Templates
Create beautiful, eye catching widgets that are consistent with the look and feel of your website.
Split Testing
Test different headlines, content and layouts to discover the best performing widgets.
Multiple Widget Types
Notifications, Pop-Ups, Floating Bars, and On-Page widgets to start engaging your visitors.
Analytics and Reporting
Get stats that matter. Make quicker and better informed decisions with actionable data.
Pop Up Triggers
Display your pop-ups at the right time with the right incentive based on abandon action, time activation, scroll, or inactivity.
Get Early Access By Signing Up Before Our Offical Launch
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